Etalonair | Who are we ?

When created in 2014,
ETALONAIR hoped to become a centre of expertise dedicated to the repair of gas analysers or detectors and to the calibration under ISO 17025 accreditation. In 5 years of activity, ETALONAIR has become the benchmark in its class whose know-how and responsiveness are recognized by the main contractors for gas analysis in many fields (test laboratories, industrial groups, key accounts, medical laboratories, agro-food, etc.).
ETALONAIR has 70% of its regular customers in testing laboratories, including 5 among the most importants in the framework of national contracts.
The main activities, driving this growth, were complemented by rental solutions and the sale of equipment.
Our clients are located in Metropolitan France, in the overseas departments and territories and in the EEC.
Nowadays, ETALONAIR has been set up as a holding company to develop other activities within its sphere of competence.

ETALONAIR prefers a common sense approach rather than inadequate trade practises

The goal we pursue through our activities is to offer quality services and products, truly adapted to our customers' applications.
Thus, no product will be offered for sale if its performance has not been tested by our technical teams.
ETALONAIR puts at your service its wide professional network and deep experience of equipment to offer you the best sampling, conditioning and gas analysis solutions.

ETALONAIR offers a recognized quality service

Since its creation, ETALONAIR has imposed a participatory quality approach for all its activities, beyond the usual certifications. It is practiced throughout the processes undertaken by competent staff who follow written procedures that are constantly refined. This guarantees the expected level of service, regardless of the stakeholder. These constitute a basis of trust with the main contractors in the framework of national contracts. Your time and money are precious, our job is not to waste them. ETALONAIR attaches great importance to the respect of the deadlines and the integrity of your equipment.

A partner who's listening

Your opinion is essential to perfect our service and fully satisfy your expectations. ETALONAIR particularly likes the challenges you submit to us and looks for the most suitable technical solutions.


Gas analyzers and ancillary equipment must be serviced periodically. ETALONAIR recommends an annual preventive maintenance. This results in necessary maintenance actions for flawless operation. Metrology quality, operational readiness and visual appearance of your equipment are essential to your brand image and to enhance customers confidence. ETALONAIR provides an exhaustive estimate with no unpleasant surprises. This estimate is then commented with you to make a final decision regarding the content of the service and the delivery time. 95% of ETALONAIR estimates for maintenance lead to an order. The loyalty rate of our customers for maintenance is 97%.

ETALONAIR upholds preventive maintenance

ETALONAIR recommends regular preventive maintenance of your equipment in order to reduce curative maintenance expenses over time. Good on-site practices for gas conditioning before analysis and purge of circuits after measurement reinforce this finding. ETALONAIR provides first level maintenance training. 100% of customers who regularly perform preventive maintenance and implement good practices reduce their curative maintenance costs.


Gas analysers are measuring instruments that are required by regulation to be checked periodically. Outsourcing your metrology to ETALONAIR allows you to benefit from the continuity of service of our teams to achieve the required compliance. ETALONAIR recommends a verification report, at no extra cost compared to a calibration certificate, in order to prove the metrological compliance of your instruments. For this, your own technical specifications (CCTP) must be established. Our knowledge of the normative requirements will guide you in the establishment of a CCTP that meets your needs and regulatory requirements, whether or not it is accredited. If they are not imposed by the standards, you are in the best position to define the applicable MPE (Maximum Permissive Error) whatever your field of activity. 77% of ETALONAIR estimates for metrology lead to an order. Our customers' loyalty rate for metrology is 97%.

ETALONAIR makes your equipment available

ETALONAIR knows that your investments must serve your own commitments with the shortest possible downtime and an improved MTBF. Our technicians assist your teams free of charge in case of difficulty in the field. Our rental service solves any unexpected unavailability in your equipment fleet.

ETALONAIR offers an innovative rental

The accounting amortization of your equipment is not less than 6 years. The area of profitability of an equipment could be extended well beyond by using our innovative rental solution. The impact of this solution is a gain for the environment by reducing WEEE waste.

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